Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Raveonettes/Nickel Eye - Black Cat - Jan 17 2009

Late sell-out, so I am glad I had my ticket. But there were two good shows elsewhere in town, so lots going on this Saturday night pre-Inauguration.

Nickel Eye - Four piece with three axes and drums, two of the guys singing sometimes off key. Now that Idol season has invaded the airwaves, I can start talking about pitch being off I guess. I think Vetiver does this better as do others. A couple of songs were ok and the last one rocked and was good. So, if the band knows the rocker will excite the crowd and closes their set with it, why don't they write more that way?

The Raveonettes - Male/Female guitar and vocals duo backed with a standard rhythm section. The vocals are sung together almost all the time and add to the lush arrangements of their interesting pop songs. They are clearly shoegaze, but on the very accessible side of that scene. A very good act that was never dull and have a captured a fairly unique sound to my mind.

Quote of the Night: "Like, I didn't have a light and I go dude, you got a light and like he said no, so I went over and told this guy like I totally need your cigarette for a light. He said I could like take his matches, so I go back to the guy and like, Dude we are so there cuz now we have matches."

I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but I may have made it a bit more grammatically correct than it was.

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