Monday, February 16, 2009

Kevin Seconds/Vic Ruggiero/Kepi Ghoulie - Black Cat - Feb 15 2009

Kevin Seconds is the "big name" here from the Reno based hardcore band, 7 Seconds. The supporting players are also from bands, Slackers and Groovie Ghoulies respectively. They all played together, each supporting one another with the woman on merchandise, filling in on bass for a bit. Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and light percussion made it a bit more than straight acoustic folk music, although much of Kevin Seconds set was just him with an acoustic guitar. Vic Ruggiero was more the blues rock-folk type and Kepi Ghoulie was more eclectic pop rock.

Likable enough, but not much in the way of standout cuts or style. There was a nice crowd of about 60-70, many of which were familiar with related bands of course. The crowd enjoyed it more than I expected. All three players did have good personality and were having a good time and made the in between song banter mor enjoyable than most. So the Red Sea did not part tonight, but ten bucks was better spent here than at a two-star movie.

Quote of the night: Vic Ruggiero said something to the tune of--"Which of these two songs would you like to hear? You know, this is like American Democracy--a band will give you two choices, neither of which you like, you'll yell for one and then they'll play something else. American Democracy, still better than alternatives I guess". He did later decry that Obama's election gives him less to write about now. Keep looking, there's lots to write about.

Actually Vic's best quote is from his Myspace page: "Every stupid band's got a prick that goes solo these days..."

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