Saturday, March 7, 2009

Black Lips/Gentleman Jesse and his Men/Sons of Guns - Black Cat - March 5 2009

Sons of Guns - Normally I get annoyed when I walk in late and miss part of the opening set. Not this time as just a short amount of noise from this band was enough of a warm-up. They played rock music, like a bad version of the old Texas punk of say Poison 13. Not terrible but quite forgettable. But they are from Utah. I've been there, I know, I know.

Gentlemen Jesse and his Men - A nice set of punchy pop-rock with just enough punk to remind me of an Americanized version of the early Jam. Very Weller like vocally and good catchy music with guitars that keep it moving with a jangly snarl. One song was closer to the Beatles, but all in all a good set by a likable band.

Black Lips - I've seen the band before and there weren't anything new in wait for me, but I came back so I knew what I was getting. And that was a jangly rock psyche set that owes a bit more to the garagey part of the 60s as opposed to the explorers of Space (although that found it's way into the set a bit). I liked the lava lamp like ink blot cells projected out, but the black surfaces of the club muted the effect a bit much, so I wasn't confused enough to think I was seeing the Velvet Underground or Jefferson Airplane or anything. Good set, good fun and a good crowd as well.

Quote of the Night - "What did you say? Ok..." in response to an enthusiastic drunkard who was loud but so incoherent I didn't understand a thing he said and he was right next to me. "People who yell in nightclubs..." That was a quote either Tony or Chip Kinman of Rank and File said onstage to a heckler back in the early 80s. And after a long Federal career, that heckler grew up... be me... Good day.

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