Monday, April 20, 2009

Acid Mothers Temple/Sonic Suicide Squad - DC9 - April 19 2009

Sonic Suicide Squad - A psyche noise jazz outfit featuring drums as the anchor, sax as the main instrument and a guitarist and electronics guy to create atmospheric noise. Ok, now with that established, I have to admit I really have not much of an idea how to critique noise bands like this. They were modestly effective but not overly moving. There was nothing to give me cause to go running downstairs, nor anything to have me buying a CD or even listening the free stuff at their Myspace page. But if you really like this genre, feel free to explore.

Acid Mothers Temple - A 4-piece this time with the core members I've seen before. I forgot how good the bass/vocalist is and I really enjoyed his interplay with Kawabata on guitar. The drums and the rhythm guitar anchor the songs with the rhythm guitarist also doing a lot of nice work on his Roland. Middle got a little less interesting, but the beginning and end was exciting enough to really make the set work. Always a fun true psychedelic band with a sound that goes from Saucerful of Secrets to Algarnas Tradgard to Hawkwind. I am always happy they make it over from Japan for our entertainment.

Whine of the Night - A good sized crowd came to the DC-9 (Band played Rock'n'Roll Hotel previously). In spite of that, I didn't hear a single memorable quote all night although the bass player for AMT kept welcoming Washington DC by inventing a different meaning for the DC acronym about 6 times which showed pretty amusing use of English I thought. But I didn't have my notes, so instead of a quote I will sound like the resident old guy bitching about the guy doing a text message in front of me while the band was playing. If you want to ignore them, fine, but don't blast that light in my face for that long a time or one of these days, I will be talking to you. I always avoid making a scene as I think it will be just a few seconds, but sometimes it is not. I know, I know, a tiresome complaint, but some of you people out there ought to really learn to focus and what is good and immediate and what can wait.

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Anonymous said...

Right on. so intense to see them live- I was on the right side in front of Kawabata that night. The wizard, in center that night, is actually synth player primarily, rather than rhythm guitar. I guess they could have turned the synth up more.