Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meatmen/The Electricutions/American Speedway/Meatmen - DC9 - April 22 2009

Copstabber - This set begs the question is a cliche hardcore act worse than a cliche metal act? I will let you more after a trip to Jaxx. Stay tuned. I didn't recognize their hardcore cover song and I know my hardcore. Maybe they should have tried the band on the guitarist t-shirt, Gang Green.

The Electricutions - Ok, the show officially opens now. A bit of early XTC/999 through a tougher Wire like sound and you get something in the vicinity. Nice set.

American Speedway - Great blistering fast and hard rock, not unlike Valiant Thorr, but not as metal and not quite as good. But good enough for me and the jam packed crowd. This is a good choice to precede the Meatmen.

Meatmen - Tesco Vee is back out of retirement (his son wanted to see what the Meatmen were like) at age 50. I used to trade records with him and found him a pretty basic midwestern guy like myself, except for his crazed non-PC (before that term was around) lyrics and wild stage persona. He entered in full bullfighter dress and had lots of the classic Meatmen props, masks, towels with sayings printed on them and a new 3 piece, young backup band. Musically solid and covering all the hits and many covers--oh there's the Gang Green cover I wanted. Good fun and I haven't seen a mosh pit like this in a long time. And it's ok if I never see one again. Kudos for the bands in delivering 4 sets and getting me home a few minutes after midnight. Lots of music in a short blistering window.

Quote of the Night - Sorry Tesco, you were amusing as always but the winner goes to a guy before the show. A couple guys walked from the downstairs bar up to the upstairs stage. The quote: "So, this is the upstairs." Yes and if I were writing for MAD Magazine, I would respond:

a) No, it's an MC Escher painting and we are on a continuous loop.
b) No, it's the downstairs. Our inept contractor installed the staircase backwards.
c) No, it's very downstairs. Can't you tell by the Meatmen t-shirt with "I love Satan" on it?

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