Monday, May 18, 2009

White Noise Supremacists/The Dig/All the Kings - The Red & the Black - May 17 2009

White Noise Supremacists - Best named band nomination goes to this solo black female guitarist/drummer/singer who did the basic one-man band guitar loops with additional guitar or drums and vocals. Very song oriented and not half-bad. Not quite fully realized, but a nice start. She's from Brooklyn, shock of shocks.

The Dig - Also from NYC, this four piece was a good standard guitars/bass/drums/keys/2-vocal pop-rock band. Likable songs, aggressive hooks, good singing, a decent blend of positives. As is often the case, the last song was the most manic and brilliant song in the set making me desire more in that vein. Still, I'll see them again, especially since they some how found me through Myspace and marketed their gig to me. Good job and important since they hit the peak attendance at 10-16 people, not counting the three club workers but counting other band members.

All the Kings - Nothing really clicked here. I took no notes and politely stayed until they kind of ended a song when the drummer stopped and thanked us all for coming. There were about three of us at this point, six maximum. Their stuff on Myspace sounded better, but there were just too many disparate parts at work and the songs simply were not that good. They are from Boston and I hope they aren't relying too much on the door here for gas money. Good luck.

Quote of the Night - Sometimes I am not sure if I hear these correctly, but I think I got this one word for word from someone not named Carmen SanDiego: "It's a college town, it's not far from Chicago, not far from DC, well it's far from New York."

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