Saturday, June 6, 2009

Love is All/Real Estate/Ra Ra Rasputin - Black Cat - June 4 2009

Ra Ra Rasputin - Good dance/pop band four-piece. Nice groove got the crowd hopping and swaying and even a restart of the last song was quickly forgiven. They seem to gig quite a bit and will earn their following. Although it has hard for me not to think of the Boiled in Lead song that their name reminds me of.

Real Estate - Ok, I swear I've seen these guys before or is it just the singer's hair and glasses? I, of course, am writing this without doing any research on my own blog. But to the music... I was pleasantly surprised that such a dully named band could come up with such good music. Really good rock music with a touch of Americana, but kind of psyche-pop-rock I would think. I believe they realize their vocals aren't their best attribute (but not bad) as they do a couple of instrumentals. Very enjoyable in spite of the name (I may be biased as I've just retired from 25 years of reviewing businesses in the mortgage and real estate industry and I'm still enjoying my separation).

Love is All - Now this band I know I saw recently at the Rock'n'Roll Hotel (See December entry below). I liked them then, like them now. I wouldn't mind seeing them again as I can always use a dose of their infectious new wavey pop songs done on the sunnier side of the X-Ray Spex street. They both take me back and allow me to just have fun in the moment. Two things I always like to do.

Quote of the Day: Love is All's singer... "I don't want to be rude, but it's more fun without the cameras in front as I'd like to be able to see people, too". This in response to massive flashes by two cameramen the whole night long that kept me half blind and looking down a lot. I'll have to remember this when I compile my list of ten things that annoy me at clubs.

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