Thursday, August 6, 2009

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros/Sean Bones - DC9 - August 5 2009

Sean Bones - A group with the guitar, bass, drums, keys and one singer. Kind of a lo-fi garage pop with some psyche soca-calypso rhythms going on half the time. This was another one of those sets that began as an "eh" for me and ended up more of a "yeah, ok". So a decent job by a likable little band.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
- It looked like about nine musicians playing the usual arrray of rock instruments with an accordian and a trumpet among the unique sounds present. I couldn't make a full accounting as the club was packed most likely due to the band's coverage on NPR's All Songs Considered (hosted by Bob Boilen--see below). The set started well and I felt an Akron/Family kind of vibe at work with this conglomerate. As the set went on, it kind of got a bit cloying for me, although that's a little harsh. Still a little too precious. Immediately after I wrote those notes, the band completed its song dedicated to love (the emotion, not the band) and the singer then asked the crowd "why don't you guys all hug each other?" which a few decided to. The soundman was closest to me and thankfully he was busy.

Quote of the night: "Are you Bob Boilen? You sort of look like him." from a nice NPR fan who came over to me. If I had recognized the name instantly, I may have gone into elaborate fakery which may have gotten me a phone number for my little black book, but I didn't connect the name with the show until she told me and I am ultimately a bit too ethical for that. The only other music person I have been compared to is Dave Grohl which would be far more lucrative were I wildly unethical. Bob Boilen? You decide.

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