Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dead Meadow/The Shirks - Black Cat

The Shirks - A couple guitars, bass and drums with some vocals. Nice revved up melodic punk. Straight ahead rocking not unlike early Misfits. Short sweet, good thrust. The set was really short but that can work to a band's favor with this sound. Ian MacKaye sighting, so there must be some incestuous Dischord tie-in. Yes, one of the band members works there.

Dead Meadow - Clearly, one of best psychedelic acts working today, this three piece rocked out a crowded Black Cat backroom once again. Hopefully they will be hitting main stages soon. They are certainly a favorite of many in the know including Nick Cave who invited him to play Australia at an ATP show with the Saints, Bad Seeds and Spiritualized among other great bands. Dead Meadow really hits a groove with great psychedelic jamming. What really puts them a bit higher than most is that there are some lovely songs to go along with the great jamming. Style and substance. Do explore this band if you have not already.

Quote of the night: I wasn't listening, so I will just comment that the Trapeze School of NY is still open and doing their work in a parking lot near where I live. There are four great locations in NYC, DC, Boston and LA. So if you want a new career or just want to brush up your trapeze skills, check it out at: http://www.trapezeschool.com/default.php. It does make an entertaining site on my walks to Chinatown.

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