Saturday, September 5, 2009

Slickee Boys/Girl Loves Distortion - Black Cat - September 4 2009

Girl Loves Distortion - Three piece with a bass player that used a keyboard briefly. The female drummer had some good pop to her rhythms and shared vocals with her two compatriots. They switched around on instruments and unless I missed something, this was the first time I ever saw a right handed bass player switch to left handed guitar. Interesting move and an interesting band. They moved around a bit from psyche to pop to rock to post punk. They seemed smart enough to pull from several decades of influences. The set was slowed by some duller songs in the middle, but they can certainly grow out of that. Good start.

Slickee Boys - I certainly did not have to take any notes on this venerable DC act. I know it well and they don't change much in their annual or biannual show in DC. A great band that formed in the seventies punk era that played the garage punk style of the sixties with the energy and ferocity of the present times. It's a bit like the Dickies going a bit more garage. This was as good as any show I've seen from them in recent years. The guitarists, Kim Kane and Marshall Keith were ripping it up and Kim Kane is always fun to watch. All of them looked to be having a great time and the singer Mark Noone said they were having more fun than anyone there. Infectious fun for all those that didn't run out of town for the labor day weekend.

Quote of the Night: "This is our dance number because we know people in DC love to dance, they just hide it" from the GLD drummer with a nice nod and a wink.

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