Monday, November 23, 2009

Heavy Trash / Elliott Brood - DC9 - Nov 22 2009

Elliott Brood - I am a big fan of this Toronto based trio. There last album "Mountain Meadows" is given frequent rotation in my household. The amazing thing about the live set is how the full sound is recreated. If you closed your eyes on the first song, you would swear you were hearing a raucous fully electric four-piece indie rock band. Open them, and you see three guys, two suited and one vested, playing two acoustic guitars and drums. A closer look shows base pedals and a synth/sampler gadget. They also bring in a banjo and two ukuleles in a song they call "Cooperating Ukules from Canada" as opposed to "Duelling Banjos". Great energetic dark folk with upbeat moments, twists and turns, acoustic moves, distorted electric moves, full, fuller and fullest. Great songs and a band not to be missed, on record or live.

Heavy Trash - A Jon Spencer band with a lead guitarist, upright bassist and drummer. The format moves from fifties style rock/rockabilly to an early sixties garage rock (not the psychedelic variety). Nothing psychotic and nutso, but punchy and rocking. Although this is not my favorite genre, Spencer and company execute it flawlessly and with good energy. The leads are cutting and fun. Despite the name of this outfit, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is much trashier and dirty rocking. So choose your Spencer based on your desire. You can certainly find something good in either style.

Quote of the Night: From two of the Brood... "Thanks, you guys should have been in Asheville with us last night". "Yeah, then there would been this many people there."

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