Saturday, January 16, 2010

Joan as Policewoman, Carol Bui - Black Cat - Jan 14 2010

Carol Bui - The usual rock instruments with a cello, second percussionist and a second female vocalist accompany Ms. Bui on stage. They start with really cool ethnic dance tunes with lots of pace, power and melody. The second song went into some unholy triad of Smithereens, Silver Summit and the New Christs (post Radio Birdman). What the hell have we got here? Songs settled to a point where they were not messing with my brain into some really nice rock music with singer/songwriter feeling and good rhythms. There is some really exciting stuff going on and I am enjoying this much. But then a colossal bummer happens when Ms. Bui announces she is leaving DC and headed off to the state of Washington. Our loss as I would love to see more sets like this.

Joan as Policewoman - Kind of a big act with good press getting the downstairs stage at the Black Cat. So it is no surprise that is packed with a lot of fans. Joan comes out with a keyboard-vocalist and a drummer. I had not realized that she was as integral in instrumentation for her sound as she turned out to be with her guitar and keyboards carrying her songs. I knew her voice was the main draw and she used it well in her songs where she was able to show the same intensity in the louder rock songs as she did in the quietest of passages. Great dynamics, smart stylish pop songs well delivered tonight. Even a cover of Public Enemy delivered in a non-rap style. I enjoyed the set a lot more than I thought I would and am a believer in the critical success she has had.

Quote of the Night: "Oh they are done" mentioned by one of the gabby people a good 45 seconds after the opening band finished. Glad you were paying so much attention (Truth in Journalism--this quote was from the last time here, but it was better than the one I had tonight. Although tonight's opening band was much better than before, so perhaps I should not be so harsh).

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