Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yell County - The Courtesans - Secret Pop Band -- The Red & the Black - Feb 19 2010

Secret Pop Band - The farewell show for them, as their drummer is headed to Japan. They were giving away their CDs and wanted to go out with a lot of friends and family present. So there is not a whole lot of point to me going into much detail here. They were a pop band and none to secretive about it. The guitarist/singer reminded me of a friend of mine I worked with at FHA who was in a covers band, but was of course much older than this chap. Anyway, simple decent music here. A good enough start for my night.

The Courtesans - They are another trio and share the same drummer as the Secret Pop Band. So, it is their last show as well. I enjoyed their set more as they rocked out a bit more in a loose, fun fashion. Maybe some of these guys will pop up again some time or they move on to their normal lives which can be lucrative, but oh so dull...
Yell County - Not only is this band not breaking up but they added a second guitarist. That obviously filled out the sound a bit and they are likely working on doing some different arrangements as it seemed to be an early show with this line-up. This band is very enjoyable. They play a good hook oriented, steady rock music with roots in punk. It's accessible and fun. Definitely one of the better bands around these parts. Tonight was a bit off unfortunately due to a borrowed bass amp cutting out a lot for a couple of measures every now and then. So I will wait until next time to see how everything comes together for this interesting bunch.

Quote of the Night: After playing their pro wrestling song, the bass player shows a bloody finger to his drummer "Juicing!". "Yeah, I bled the hard way".  Nice use of the vernacular, you smart marks, you.

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