Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jello Biafra + the Guantanamo School of Medicine - Sick Weapons - The Kominas -- Black Cat - March 30 2010

The Kominas - I didn't know a thing about this four piece and thought they were first going in a ska punk direction, but then some other worldly styles were weaving in and out of the rock. Well, turns out they are a Muslim/Hindu combo out of Boston with a unique approach to punk. Not as radical as it may sound, but different enough to stand out from the sludgy ocean of punk in this century. I enjoyed it and thankfully the guitarist got his glasses back after he went out in the crowd and was head bobbing enough that a disaster was imminent. This band is worth a look.

Sick Weapons - Did I mention something about a sludgy ocean of punk. Well wade right out and watch for the tide smacking you on the rebound. Nothing really connected with me. No complaints, just muddy punk rock that did not have enough bite for me to take notice. The female singer reminded me of the VKTMS singer which I mention because it would probably piss Jello off to hear this controversial SF band mentioned. But that was the only amusing thought I had during this set. Well amusing to me, anyway.

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine - I last saw Jello in Denver doing a spoken word set before a full house packed together waiting to see the excellent Slim Cessna's Auto Club (Denver band on his label). The crowd really didn't want to hear 30 minutes of political ranting and old monologues and it did not go well. Before that I saw him at the Black Cat with the Melvins providing more than excellent back-up for him to do the old DK set correctly, unlike the other guys and Bill Bixby's "son". I wasn't sure this band could be anywhere near that one, but was pleasantly surprised. Of course, we'll get the rants and that's ok. In between criticisms of Republicans and Obama and others, he was wisely self critical saying that maybe we all need to march in larger numbers than tea partyers. But back to the music. It was a two guitar attack with two brothers in the rhythm section. They delivered the expected punk rock attack but the pace varied nicely and there some psyche, post punk moments as well. I found it more listenable than anything the DKs did since the early days. Oh, and those were covered with the first two singles and one cut from the first album. I was also happy to see him moving around so well this time around with his serious knee damage. Jello is still worth a listen when the mood strikes.

Quote of the Night: From the middle band - "Why don't you stop talking so much", "Well play a song, then".

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