Monday, March 22, 2010

Magik Markers - Buildings -- Black Cat - March 21 2010

Buildings - I last saw this trio at the Sockets Records showcase and thought they were the highlight of the night. Nothing tonight changes my opinion, but rather firmly enhances it as I think this is one of the finer bands in the area. The drumming is powerful, the bass playing fast and adept and the guitarist lays down circular rings of melody. I would not say the music is as complex as what they call "math rock" but it may well be. There are layers of interesting sounds created and I kept listening for overtones, space between sounds and all that sort of jazz and it really did add up to more than a sum of its parts. Or more simply, hyper-Mission of Burma sans vocals. Listen to it the way you like, you will be rewarded on some level, that I can guarantee.

Magik Markers - Again a second viewing of this band. The lineup seems stable with the traditional three piece lineup. There has been a buzz about this band for some time and they are showing why early on here. The sound is very PiL-like, first album variety, with driving rhythms and jagged, noisy guitar and high pitched vocals on top. The sound merges into Hawkwind/Sabbath territory as the set moves on. They do a nifty cover of the Bob Seger System's "Rambling, Gambling Man" and then kind of stall a bit and end the set a bit early by my feel without looking at a clock. A little shambolic and anti climactic at the end, but some very good music early on. So I will continue to endorse this band even if I didn't feel their full impact tonight.

Quote of the night: Some fan during the opening set... "Is this yoga?"

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