Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Wedding Present - The Jet Age -- Black Cat - April 9 2010

The Jet Age - The local trio returns with another set of indie rock delivered slick and strong. These guys all play very well with solid vocals from the guitarist. The drums really push things forward and there are plenty of pop hooks in the songs. There is also hints of psyche and just flat out rocking. I got on them last time for self deprecating comments and they began again by exclaiming they were "just the opening band". But they did better with amusing comments thereafter. And to be fair, the crowd was slow to enter the club and get warmed up. But the Jet Age did the job of warming up the crowd and by the end of the set, everyone should have been happy and ready to rock some more. Good set and a local band worth checking out by all means.

The Wedding Present - The crowd finally grew to a respectable level as this British four-piece. David Gedge is the one key component to this band. He is the only original member, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. But the remaining three look to be the same folks that I saw here 3-4 years ago (drummer may be new), so there is plenty of band continuity now. They played a variety of songs to open the set and then played their second album "Bizarro" in its entirety. The sound was good with solid rhythms and two guitars that sounded different from each other. The second guitar almost had a lo-fi punk sound like the Mentally Ill (!) at times. Gedge's sound was cleaner and in the earlier songs was played with frenetic pace as he banged out his chords into power-pop, post-punk glory. The songs are bright and catchy, sort of a Feelies sound as if Ray Davies was writing for them. This band is unique, yet quite accessible and seemingly simple. But there is a lot going on and they are worth many good listens on record and worth the trip for the live show as well.

Quote of the Night: from David Gedge... "We'll be playing Bizarro shortly, but will be doing some new songs first. Sorry about that, but you'll love them in about three years."


Michael Darpino said...

Nice write up. I enjoyed your Jello Biafra and BRMC write-ups as well. Here's my review of the "Bizarro" show:

You and I cover a lot of the same shows!

David Hintz said...

Thanks. I will be comparing notes with your excellent blog. See you in the clubs, too! And I am glad to hear I wasn't the only one driven from the club at the BRMC show.