Saturday, August 28, 2010

Iggy and the Stooges - House of Blues (Atlantic City) - Aug 27 2010

 Iggy & the Stooges - This is my second time seeing this new line-up after seeing the formerly reunited line-up twice in 2007. Quite simply the Stooges are essential music on record and the live shows have been monumental events for we are so devoted to their essential music. I could write a chapter on why the music is great, but instead will limit it to a few comments on the show. My review of their London show earlier this year can be found here. Tonight's show was similar with a few exceptions. Mike Watt had a leg harness/cast over his pants which was not noticeable while playing. He stood fine and was his usual brilliant self on bass. However, he could not walk and had a crutch and crew member assisting him (including sitting behind a curtain near the stage rather than going offstage prior to the encore. But no effect on his playing. James Williamson's skills are more of what fans are curious about. I would say he has still got it and is even a bit sharper than in London or South America. He is as poker faced as Scott Asheton, yet I really think those two are the happiest two to be out there. His guitar was loud, clear and I can easily allow for some shortcuts taken as he still drops my jaw a few times, like on the guitar line on "Johanna". I watched Steve Mackay more this show and it is so cool and helpful that he is a full time member. He adds keyboards on two songs, percussion on a few and plenty of sax. He looks like he is a personable guy having a ball. Scott Asheton and Iggy Pop are the anchors and every one of you already know that. I will say that Iggy moved better than ever with less evident hip problems--although this was the first show on the mini-tour. I was front row and digging each and every song with no ability to take notes. I may have the order a bit off and I swear I am missing a song, but perhaps not. They did NOT do "Kill City" and "Cock in my Pocket" from the London set, but added "Johanna" and "No Fun". Here is what I have for the set list: Raw Power/Search and Destroy/Gimme Danger/Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell/Shake Appeal/1970/LA Blues/Beyond the Law/I Gotta Right/I Wanna Be Your Dog/Penetration/I Need Somebody/Death Trip/Open Up and Bleed...Encores- Fun House/Johanna/No Fun. Check youtube as I saw plenty of video being shot.

Picture from The Mail Online
Only three more US cities to go and back to other continents for the Stooges. If you are into rock music and you particularly like punk or alternative, you are either crazy or broke not to go see this band somewhere in the world. I have always liked the Asheton-guitar Stooges a little bit better, but it is fascinating to see the Williamson-guitar Stooges now and we sadly cannot have the former version ever again. So go see this band. Now.

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