Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Intronaut - A Sound of Thunder - Nihilita -- Velvet Lounge - Oct 25 2010

Nihilitia - Without looking, I am pretty sure I enjoyed this local power trio the last time I saw them. And tonight solidified my positive feeling about this band. They began with a couple of instrumentals before adding some droning vocals into their powerhouse sound. The sound is clearing a combination of diverse talents (and interests most likely). The drummer is powerhouse hard rock styled drummer with enough flair. The bass player lays down a solid rock foundation and adds the moody vocals. The guitarist is the wildcard here with lots of creative moves all over the fretboard. He rarely can put together a couple of oblique chords before he's off onto lead runs and note patterns. They have what I guess is a bit of a post rock sounded grounded in heaviness. Oh, let's say it is as if Robert Fripp joins Budgie as they cover Metallica. Or perhaps it is as if some prankster sticks firecrackers up the band Tortoise's ass. What I do know is that this is a gutsy little band that got a good and deserved response from a nice Monday night crowd. Well worth a listen if you like heavy and want to challenge yourself a bit.

A Sound of Terror - Female vocals fronting guitar, bass and drums--a lot of drums. Watching the speed of setting up and breaking down that drum kit may have been more entertaining than the set. I was expecting metal, but would there be some creative angles here? Well, honestly, no. Not that were as anything wrong here. The songs did not fall into the annoying area like many a metal band. The playing was good and the singing decent. It is just that songs like The Devil in Disguise just don't engage the imagination a whole lot. But I still thought this was a decent set. They have the talent to step it up into something special. We shall see.

Intronaut - This LA based quarter features two guitarists singing with a drummer and a 5-string bassist. I was expecting progressive metal and that is a reasonable category for their sound. Although I did not really here much patterned metal, which is just fine by me--more of a post rock sound which could also be called odds and ends or potpourri. They were heavy and droning with odd vocals that were most often sung by both singers simultaneously. The vocals took some getting used to as they were a bit dissonant by design. The music was very engaging and the 45 minute set sped by. The drummer was excellent with a real snap in his playing. The bass player used playful lines to move the song around a bit while the guitarists blasted away with angular chords and drones that were unusual, but easy to digest. This was shy of the Spaceman 3 sound, but close enough to enjoy. Good set that was received well by the modest, but sharp crowd at the Velvet Lounge.

Quote of the Night: Fom Nihilita's bassist... " Who wants to kiss?"

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