Friday, April 29, 2011

Tone - Gray Young - Screen Vinyl Image -- DC9 - Apr 28 2011

Screen Vinyl Image - I had enjoyed this duo once before and after a couple of songs, I started wondering why I had not gone out of my way more often to see them. They are riff happy guitarists playing raw basic power chords with a bank of synthesizers set for them to lay down some drum beats and noise backing. It sounds like the fastest sogns on the Saints first album played by an industrial/electronica band. The key to really bringing it alive were the vocals which offered a very melodic top to it all. It reminded me of the emotional noise of Ride, although the sound was different. Elements of Chrome, but surprisingly catchy. The duo kept it cool on stage and had screen images projected on them. I sat on a vinyl seat in my booth and made myself a vow to spend more time checking this band out. You should, too.

Gray Young - From Raleigh, NC, comes a power trio that immediately sounded quite a bit like U2 but with more power in the drums. They varied the sound a bit thereafter, but it was good solid indie rock that had extended time for tight instrumental work. The more intense the guitar workout was, the more shoegazey it sounded. This is a smart, together band that is easily accessible. They balance songs and jamming well. The vocals were fine, but used less than I had expected. They won the crowd over well enough to deserve another show some time down the road. Hopefully they have the drive to keep it going.

Tone - Three guitars, bass, drums and microphone for talking, not singing. I thought I just saw these guys, but it was way back in August. I do recall that they were jaw dropping with their waves of psychedelic shoegaze sound. I felt the progressive rock foundation more in this set. They really reminded me of King Crimson's "Red" album at times, with much more guitar. I made the same note I did last time that they fit nicely with Kinski and Kohoutek, although the more song oriented Kinski is the closer fit. Loads of sound, high volume, melodies, undercurrents, pounding rhythms. What is not to like here? Jump in this bandwagon. I was not the first, but you should not be the last.

Quote of the Night: Too quiet tonight, so I'll take one from the doorman at the 9:30 Club the other night who did the usual detailed math of figuring out if 1959 plus 21 is a year prior to 2011 and then ensuring that my youthful face matches the ID picture... "Underage drinking tonight." Okaaaaaay...

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