Saturday, April 16, 2011

Velvet - The Chance - The Honeyguns -- Black Cat - Apr 15 2011

The Honeyguns - I have long been interested in checking out the progress of this promising local band since I last saw them in July of oh-ten. Well, progress noted. I sensed then  that this band could really obtain a large audience with their friendly, catchy style and saw even more evidence of that during their half-hour set. The vocals continue to be strong and clear delivering the core of their songs. the rhythm section is both hearty and nimble with bass playing that can mix comfortably among dancy patterns and rock runs. The guitar sound is excellent with plenty of treatment, but not too overwhelming as some metal or shoe gaze guitarists might choose. The choices they make and the quality of songs they write are truly excellent and will appeal to modern rock fans, classic rock fans and R&B old-timers. The decent Friday night crowd was having a lot of fun and it was nice to see people freely dancing and swaying to rock music and not needing a fix of a DJ boring beats into their heads. The upside is great for this band as long as they keep playing and making friends in the business. Check them out while the cover charge is minimal.

The Chance - A local trio hits the stage with the guitarist doing the only vocal work. The sound is post-punk/shoegazey for the most part with a thick, quick fat sounding rhythm section. The first song was something about New York which I heard said about 18 times. I can't really judge lyrics at live shows, so I have no idea what the theme was, but it seemed odd (although I see I can study it at their myspace page). I couldn't come up with an easy comparison, but I got stuck with thinking this was a cross between Bauhaus and Funeral Oration (a hardcore band that infrequently sounded like Joy Division). There was a basic undercurrent and lots of swirling songs, but frankly there was a lot lacking. The songs were simply not memorable. There seemed to be a lot of distance between band and audience and not in a cool detached way. There was a good sound and a lot of effort was done to achieve that. Now, work on some songs to bring the listeners in. I am sure some people enjoyed this, but the crowd sounded pretty flat and uninterested for the 50 minute set.

Velvet - I somehow have missed this band who is doing their farewell show tonight. There is not a whole lot of point in writing up a review of farewell shows, unless it is Fugazi or something akin to that. They did have a nice grungy pop rock sound. They were nice enough to give away all t-shirts, posters and CDs for free (but just take one please) and the t-shirts were gone before they went on. Unfortunately they had a lot of tech difficulties with equipment but worked their way through. Good-bye Velvet, I am sure I'll see some of you in other bands some time soon.

Quote of the Night:  Overheard in the crowd... "Get out of my brain, you sexy bitch."


Black Cat Chick said...

Being in the thick of the crowd that night- I have to disagree especially with the last line about the Chance's set. They were incredible and people were to the point of headbanging all around me. Their sound was very different from the other guys, but nonetheless- absolutely memorable! :)

David Hintz said...

Glad you enjoyed it. But I will stand by my comment as I said how the crowd "sounded." Applause was minimal compared to the opener and lots of people were just standing around in front of me as I watched by the soundboard. The Chance's sound is loud thick and agreeable. There is some potential, but it reminds me of a shoegaze hardcore band. Easy for the fans to enjoy, but harder to pull in the fence sitters.