Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bravenoise - Satori Trova - Dos Osos -- DC9 - Feb 8 2012

Dos Osos - The guitar - drum duo hits the stage and I notice the guitar is acoustic. In chatting with members of the next two bands, I was alerted that based on the soundcheck (and further knowledge) this was a set not to be missed. The beginning was nice and spacey, so I was hoping for perhaps a little psyche with my folk? One can hope. Well not at first as things actually got more heated up immediately after. And I was quickly mesmerized into following the stunning powerful sounds coming out of this acoustic guitar. The drummer is pounding away nicely and even a few disjointed moments in the first song, were not going to curb my enthusiasm. Everything was tighter thereafter and the sounds and more importantly the playing was simply amazing. I'm looking for some precedents here, a bit of Perry Leopald's second album maybe? Perhaps my South American psyche records? Actually they are closest in spirit and sound to a band called Voice of Seven Thunders, but they have their own sound and vocal style. Some of the songs stopped on a dime and went into intricate folk finger picking before building back up. I was talking with the guys about Opeth before the show and it was hard not to think of the times Opeth straps on acoustic guitars and sounds a bit like this. Brilliant stuff. Maybe my jaw won't be dropped as far after the third time seeing these guys, but I bet I will still be as impressed. I think the guitarist Avi for Satori Trova raved about them quite accurately during his set , "That was the first prog-rock acoustic duo I've seen in my life!"

Satori Trova - Third times the charm? I'm not keeping score (well I am, but I am not going to look and verify), but I think this is my third time seeing this local collective. They line up with a full house of a band featuring a solid rhythm section, creative guitarist, cutting sax and keys, atmospheric keyboards/guitar, and a fine vocalist. The crowd has swelled quite a bit (your loss on missing the first set, but you will still be getting your money's worth). The band continues to hone their sound which smoothly moves from jazz to indie rock to older rock with that good lounge feeling. I hope most people realize that although lounge used to be kind of an insult, when done well it creates great atmosphere. And that's what the band delivered yet again with plenty of good cutting guitar and sax solos. Not only do I think the band is growing in confidence, but I think this is one of those sounds that gets better for me the more times I experience it. Some sounds are immediate (see above) while others get better after several listens (I hope this has happened to everyone with that certain record that grew into a favorite over time). Another nice sign is that I enjoyed some of the slower numbers, as with lesser bands, I would want more speed or power. Catch these guys when you can and do it more than once and you should be rewarded.

Bravenoise - This is a trio from Baltimore, but apparently since they are buddies with the guitarist from the opener, he joins them for a majority of their set. The first cut had me into them quickly enough with a reminder of Mighty Baby and a vocalist sounding like the guy from the Groundhogs. The set moves a little bit more into familiar territory covering indie rock with some light dancey rhythms going on in the rhythm section. Both guitarists are good and they do some really cool things together on occasion. These are catchy songs that can bring a light smile and a bit of dancing or toe tapping and a bit of swaying if you are like me. They do bring out some more timeless measures into their sound which is where they do strike me as a potentially very good band. That is part good songwriting and part the interplay between the guitarists. I would need to see them as a trio to fully get the feeling of this band, but as long as that guest guitarist is around, there is no point in that. But based on what I heard, I will be wanting to see this band again in any combination.

Quote of the Night: From the singer/guitarist of Bravenoise... "I have to get up early and teach middle school tomorrow."
"What subject?"
"It's going to be a computer lab tomorrow.... Only teachers know what I'm talking about."

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