Saturday, February 25, 2012

Future - Stock Status -- Jammin Java - Feb 24 2012

Stock Status - This band was a last minute replacement for a band that had a flu bug going on within. Initially, things look fine as this four piece with guitar, keyboards, and rhythm section lays out some nice little pop-prog. But then a reggae riff takes over as the vocals begin. Instrumental parts come in and they rock out a bit more and there are even some psyche moves. Plenty of jams and long songs. When they hit it, they remind me of how much I miss Mellow Candle (although they look more like them than sound like them), but there is just too much disconnected music trying to come together that has the quality, but is not terribly moving. Just as fusion is often a tough sell to a restaurant critic, it is even a harder sell to a music critic. I think playing an hour and two minutes with a start time of 10:42pm may have also been a problem.
Future - From the opening notes, I can tell this band has 'it'. There is a touch of swing in the rhythm section with great psyche-rock guitar sounds and runs. There are spacey moments, tough moments and there are even decent hooks to grab onto. Male and female vocals work their way into the songs and I almost feel a Curved Air sort of feeling (that does not happen often). There is a more rooted sound than that of Curved Air, but there are plenty of audacious moves here. There is simply more internal logic here than that of the first band. The playing is assured, bereft of cliches, and the songs sound thoughtful and composed. I did not stay for the whole set, but I definitely want to see this band again some time.

Quote of the Night: Actually this was from the previous night overheard while walking around...
"We should get the Rolls Royce."
"You don't understand, it's not that I don't want to travel..."
"You really need to hit the road..."
"You still don't understand, I'm not having a baby and buying a Rolls Royce now."

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