Monday, February 27, 2012

hiphopmcdougal - jaysaturn - Social Repose -- DC9 - Feb 26 2012

Social Repose - Not much being booked against the Academy awards, but there is this little hip hop show at the DC9, so that is where I find myself on Day 26 of '29 Days Later'. Three to go. Let's see what we get tonight. We begin with a duo, one guy on bass and the other guy on vocals and guitar. The music is some sort of combination of dream pop and dance music. There are synth backing tracks with perhaps some vocal lines, too, so the songs may be preset, but the live element is just as strong. The band has more energy and enthusiasm than technique, but they keep things going well enough. It is a little more cotton candy than key lime pie, but cotton candy is a fun treat when you are in the mood. The lasers, strobes, bubble machine, and even the smoke machine were all adding to the fun. They covered Modest Mouse and based on his look and his great laugh, I think the bass player must be Alan Hale IV.

jaysaturn - "Repeat after me, I'm jaysaturn." "You're jaysaturn!" Well, no, the crowd  did repeat it verbatim which was one of a few disturbing moments during this duo's rap-singing set in front of backing tracks. The singing was better than the rapping, but any moments of interest were fleeting for me. The small crowd was enthusiastic enough, but not overly crazy. The formula continues. "On the count of 3, we're all going to say we love jaysaturn." Please don't. "1...2..." Really? "3". The sheep in the audience did what they do, but they were having fun. "Don't you ever compromise with society. Do what you wanna do." Uh-huh. Haven't heard that one before.
hiphopmcdougal - Another duo rapping in front of mediocre backing tracks. The sound has not been particularly good all night, but the source material on the backing tracks of this and the last duo may leave something to be desired. The rapping is pretty good here--it's as if the Dropkick Murphys abandoned their instruments and tried out some hip hop. "Make some noise!" Yeah, well, I am not in the mood. A few people are and the show goes on. Not really a bad night, but just not quite enough skill and creativity to hold my interest. But this was more entertaining than the Academy Awards and the NBA All-Star game from what I gather.

Quote of the Night: a popular singalong chorus from jaysaturn... "If you don't like it, then suck my dick." Now, let us analyze this for a second. Eh, why bother. Just watch the early Wes Craven movie, "Last House on the Left" and you will figure it out.

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