Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have had chances to provide ticket giveaways in the past, but have been too lazy to deal with the administration of such. Well, let's try it. I have one ticket (although I could make it two if you really convince me) for the Danzig - Doyle show at the Fillmore on June 4th. All you have to do is send me an email at and complete the following sentence... Glenn Danzig is a(n) ___________. Make the answer as long as you want and I will either judge them or pick one at random (I'll do that if I know the people entering).  So Misfits/Samhain/Danzig fans, let me know if you want this chance to see Glenn and Doyle team up to play Misfits and Danzig tunes and save thirty odd dollars. I'll pick a winner Sunday and mail you the ticket or arrange or meet you at the show.


MJG196 said...


MJG196 said...

I just wanna say thank you again for this! The show was phenomenal, even with monitor issues. I will post a review in the next couple days and send you a link!!

David Hintz said...

Great. I appreciate it and am glad you had fun. I was happy to see that Glenn Danzig was spotted in a couple record stores hunting down some vinyl. Always happy to see long time musicians still acting like the rest of us crazy music fans.