Friday, September 14, 2012

Parks & Passages - Berlin to DC -- Goethe Institut - Sep 13 to Nov 2 2012

Parks & Passages - Berlin Inspires Washington DC - I was happy to attend an opening day look at a new exhibit at the Goethe Institut yesterday. Although there is not an obvious tie-in to music, it does have an interesting artistic perspective concerning two interesting cities. Recently, an architect, sculptor, artist, and scholar traveled from DC to Berlin to see how Berlin has creatively transformed urban space into poetic, artistically interesting areas for public use. Specifically, they are looking at possibilities for the transformation of 75,000 square feet of unused underground space below Dupont Circle. This space has been closed off since 1961, and although there is clearly not any specific plans, this is an interesting artistic brainstorming project. Their photographic, artistic, and research results make for a fascinating display. So drop by the Goethe Institut and have a look when you are in the Chinatown neighborhood. Or head over to to special reading at 6:30pm on September 18th or a musical performance on October 25th, and some gardening discussions.

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