Monday, October 15, 2012

Motion Lines - The Mean Season -- Sova - Oct 14 2012

The Mean Season - Second time around for me seeing this local trio in action. They feature a female and male voice and all three of them take turns at the drum kit with two of them on guitars, occasionally at the same time. They remind me some of the Magik Markers with a great modern take on psychedelic music in a short and catchy song-oriented format. They also ground out a nice droner ala Algarnas Tradgard or International Harvester as they could easily fool people into thinking they were from some dark region of Scandanavia. Yet they do have a warm and fuzzy style that comes out at times which really keeps one engaged during their set. This was relaxed, yet quite focused and went over well with the music lovers here tonight. This is one band to keep an eye on, as they have the goods to do some nice things around here.
Motion Lines - This local duo features a guitarist/vocalist and a second guy on bass and keyboards. They play to a drum machine, which does not excite me a lot generally, and did not do so tonight. The guitar tones and keys/synth moves were melodic and just edgy enough. The vocals were lost tonight and I am only now hearing them as I listen to some songs at their website. It is nice soft pop music with edgy undercurrents and can be quite enjoyable. Sova's PA is a bit of a challenge, but they could have played around with the volume a little and done better tonight. Still, this is a band I would see again some time. And I do recommend coming to these Second Sundays at Sova shows, as they are free and feature some very fine music every time I have been here.

Quote of the Day: from the opener... "Did you see that guy jump from Space?" which really engaged the crowd, some of whom I am happy to say were as clueless as I was about this stunt (semi-clueless as a Facebook friend tipped me off on it briefly). A sheltered life is bliss.

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