Thursday, October 11, 2012

Torche - LTW - Disciples of Christ -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Oct 10 2012

Disciples of Christ - Call me a Doubting Thomas, but I am not sure if I am ready for this noisy blast of feedback that this trio begins with. They devolve into a death grindcore style with noise and some rhythm to hold it all together. They all sing in roughly the same tone until the end. The last song sounds very cool which makes perfect sense when I figure out it is a cover of Wire's "Pink Flag". I could deny that I liked anything about the set, but as the cock crows for a third time, I have to admit the cover song was very good and there was a certain crude effectiveness about it all. Great Wipers shirt on the drummer, too.

LTW - This is the second time around for me seeing this local noisy thrash band and it has been a while. They seem to be gigging quite regularly and it appears to be paying dividends. Their Siege-like bursts of songs are connected with droning noisy patterns keeping listeners fully engaged with their world for their short, yet effective 16-minute set. It's a bit brutal for the timid, but that is the point, obviously. I think the sound shaping is effective and with a variety of tempos, there are real patterns here with just the correct dosage. Keep it up, gang.
Torche - I am a bit surprised that I am only now seeing this hard touring band for the first time. Although from Miami (and Atlanta now), they hit DC frequently, much to the delight of their many hardened fans who have showed up in big numbers tonight. After a bit too long of a delay, they immediately blast away with noisy new-metal that is fast yet always tuneful. The guitars trade off shredding moves with controlled ringing tones and there is a hardened style in the mix for both punk and metal fans. Fans of Baroness, QoTSA, and many more even faster heavy bands would clearly want to be here. And if you are a fan of the fine local band, Caustic Casanova, they clearly inhabit the same sonic universe (no surprise to bump into CC's bass player here tonight). The rhythm section thundered on, guitars raged, and the vocals and melody lines were always present to remind everyone that these guys can write real songs, too. I am quite happy I dragged myself off the couch tonight and it will be even easier the next time these guys make it through.

Quote of the Night: from a sober guy to a drunk guy not quite getting the Icarus story right in my view... "You're like an eagle flying high in the atmosphere".

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