Monday, November 5, 2012

Trixie Whitley - Taylor Berrett -- Jammin Java - Nov 4 2012

Taylor Berrett - Not 'Tyler Beret' as he informs us as way of introduction. He is there to warm the crowd with warm songs with acoustic guitar and voice. He has a somewhat intense vocal energy that does not get overpowering. His guitar work is rather basic although he will engage a soft fingerstyle strum which creates some interesting tones. The songs seem pretty good, although it is pretty much a respectable folky singer songwriter offering.

Trixie Whitley - I really enjoyed a preview of Trixie Whitley's new album coming out this January (reviewed here). She is out on a short tour to get people ready for the sounds to come. For me, it was an additional treat as the live sound furthered all the versatile sounds on the album into even more exciting terrain. Her voice is brilliant and the key is that she can flex it into power or restraint with crafty easy going shifts. There is both technique and emotional power present here. She plays some piano and even more guitar to do more than accompany these songs. Between that and exquisitely sharp bass playing and drums, this trio cooks up an amazing sound that hits the haunting netherworlds in between folk rock and indie rock. She has played here before with Daniel Lanois' Black Dub (which I kept hearing as Black Dove, which I think makes a better name), so she has plenty of smart fans that showed up tonight. They were pretty enthralled for the hour long set, as was I. This is great music and hopefully she can continue to tour her album in 2013 and find the many music lovers that would easily gravitate to this. I hate to predict big things... so I guess I won't.

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