Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blue Oyster Cult -- State Theatre - Dec 8 2012

Blue Oyster Cult - This was the 40th anniversary tour of this still hard working, hard rocking band. I celebrate 37 of those years since I first saw them on stage way back in the days when I looked for something a little bit cooler and heavier than what the radio routinely provided. It is the usual band with the two long-time vocalists and guitarists, Buck Dharma and Eric Bloom. And by now drummer Jules Radino and guitarist/keyboardist Richie Castellano have been around almost as long as the Bouchard brothers (well, they'll pass them if they make it to the 45th anniversary tour). Castellano is a key member as his musical education and flash shredding guitar work would help any great rock band. He and Dharma trade leads with more distinction in their playing than most twin lead guitar bands. Basically Castellano shreds, while Dharma has a liquid playfully quick and expressive manner. "Last Days of May" showcases this yet again as Castellano deconstructs and reconstructs the song in a long brilliant solo leading to Dharma's more classic solo from that song. Every time out, there is a new bassist and this time around it is Kasim Sulton, who I think I remember from Todd Rundgren's Utopia. Yes indeed, they make that clear in smart and fun moment where Bloom introduces him prior to the requisite bass solo by mentioning three bands he has been in: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Utopia, and Meatloaf. Sulton and the rest of the band then jam on signature songs from those catalogs for a bit. It sounded like that was as much fun for the band as the audience, which would make only make sense.

There was a big crowd tonight with lots of enthusiastic people that have been into the band as long and longer than I (and the usual amount of really young folks--little in between). If you enjoyed this band at all, you usually enjoyed them a lot (kind of like Rush--a t-shirt reminded me of that link). They still have the skill and the back catalog, so there is not a whole lot to say beyond that at this point of their career... Other than that I doubt this will be the last time I see them.

Quote of the Night: Buck Dharma on the song 'Shooting Shark'.... "The lyrics are by Patti Smith."
Eric Bloom: "I hear she is the Hall of Fame... and we are not."

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