Friday, December 21, 2012

The Red Palace - No More...

Someone suggested I write an obituary for the Red Palace which is closing at the end of this year. That is a good idea, as it was all too short-lived, but was generally perceived to be a good club by many people I talked to. I even liked the old Red & the Black, but the redesign with double the space made for a nice still cozy venue with a high stage and an effective PA. They booked well and I always had a good time there.
So why is it shutting down? Sources indicate that the profits were not quite coming in fast enough considering the increased value of this hot Northeast property. My initial thought that they would convert to a dance club was wrong as I learned they had some noise problems with the neighbors (who probably have lots of other problems with the crowds on weekends). So it is likely to be turned into a restaurant down the road.

Although I am sorry to see it go, there are many worse changes that happen in life. Many were disappointed at CBGBs' closing, but that club had been far less useful than the Red Palace was for several decades, despite the obvious historical importance CB's had (nearly 40 years ago). There are still plenty of clubs and house shows about and live music is still strong and hopefully will continue that way for a long time. There is even a new club called 9th & Beats just starting up now.

There are still a few shows left at the Red Palace with good shows on 21st (Courtesans, Maple) and 29th (Dance for the Dying, Paperhaus, Mittenfields) that I would recommend along with the closing show on the 30th that I hope to catch. Take it in, have some fun, and then move on to the rest of the clubs and shows in 2013. There will be many magical shows next year, but I'll still miss this club. Life goes on, mostly.

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