Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lorelei - Talk It -- Black Cat - May 22 2013

Talk It - Some how I have managed to miss this DC trio over the many years I have attended shows and am proved tonight to be sorry for that. They have guitar, keyboard, and drums and play vibrant instrumental post rock music for the most part. The first cut is quite heavy, reminding me of Kinski with sonic traces of Mogwai and Sonic Youth as well. Thereafter they add some quirky rhythms and there is more of a head bobbing pop structure in place. This has a real 'feel good' vibe at work as they explore variations in tone in texture. I particularly enjoyed the striking moment where they stopped playing and briefly sang off microphone. Creative fun was had by all here tonight in the backstage, as this band added its name to my long list of local bands creating smart music.
Lorelei - And already high atop that list of DC bands creating smart music, is Lorelei, a trio that has been gracing stages around here for many a decade. They are a perfect continuation of the opening set, adding vocals and steadier rhythms. There is plenty of Wire and Wedding Present in their sound with an energetic pop reminiscent of the Feelies. I love watching the blur of a right hand of the guitarist which seems more fitting for a hardcore band, yet creates more expressive tones here. There were a good 50-75 people here tonight and many of them know this band far better than I do and like me, were enjoying tonight's set. It may have been the most energetic performance I have seen from this band, but they always deliver. They may not be back to a DC stage for a while, so I am happy I caught them on such a high tonight. Clearly, there is plenty left in the tank, so we should be seeing them again some day.

Quote of the Day: From Kim Deal in Mojo Magazine... "Punk rock passed Dayton by, still has, I think."   This did not go over well with my many friends from the Dayton scene of the 70s and 80s who are still out there, and still creating.

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