Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mudhoney - Cheap Time -- U Street Music Hall - Sep 23 2013

Cheap Time - Nice'n'sleazy rock'n'roll is dished up by this Nashville trio. It is quick to hear why they are on a bill with Mudhoney as they offer plenty of fuzz, crazed vocals, and galloping rhythms. Some of the songs went on a bit long with too much one-note vocals, but the songs and set improved as it went along. I believe their non-stop-no time for chatter approach helped keep the momentum strong. One song almost hit the heights of he Stooges Raw Power and could have been an outtake. The raucous set was over with the large crowd that filled the venue on this Monday night. One lesson to be learned is that if you don't have anything clever to say in between songs, why not keep grinding it out and build your set with non-stop energy. I started as a guy scribbling notes and finished as someone fully involved and rocking out.
Mudhoney - This completes a six-day run that started with DOA, went to Comus and Shirley Collins and now finishes up with yet another of my favorites of all-time. It is hard to write about bands that you think are so utterly brilliant. At least this time I have a little distance as I don't know anyone in the band, although like many fans I feel I do. Mudhoney's vision of a dark and dirty brand of rock music is one of the best of all-time and they still manage to deliver the goods in their straight forward full speed ahead approach decades later. Little has changed since I saw the show in New York earlier this year, although there were at least a couple unique songs from their back catalog in this set. They finished with a trio of covers from Fang, Dicks, and Black Flag that shows their excellent taste and ability to continue excellent themes. The sound was loud, almost too much, but the subtle guitar twists did manage to cut through, while Mark Arm's vocals were strong, as they can capably pierce through a fully operational construction zone. Mudhoney also banged out the music with only a few breaks. This was an early show that finished by ten, so with the fist band's 34 minutes and Mudhoney's 86, the two hours of music was probably closer to 2 1/2 to 3 for most bands. This set ripped and Mudhoney remains an essential band, one I will gladly see as many times as I can on the same tour--something that can only be said for my absolute favorites.

Quote of the Night: From a guy behind me right after the set while we awaited the encore... "I'm clapping for all you lazy motherfuckers up there!"

I agree with that as I want to say to the 'cooler than thou' types standing in front of me, that if you are done, you can go home. Yet, the encore cliche is such a bore, I understand how tiresome the role of calling the band back can be. There was certainly enough noise tonight for their six-song encore. Still, I do have an appreciation for the Wedding Present who has never done an encore and will warn people before hand.

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