Saturday, October 19, 2013

Braddock Station Garrison -- Tree House Lounge - Oct 18 2013

Braddock Station Garrison - This is my second time seeing this fine Virginia quartet, and on a new stage for me. This band features all the basics of good power pop/indie rock with two guitars working rhythms and leads atop a nimble rhythm section. The vocals are good and the songs have that fine balance where they move and shift in different sub-styles, while never sounding like they are coming from a different band. They probably hit power-pop grooves most frequently, but can push the rock moves pretty heavy when willing. I particularly liked their cut "Any Day, Any Way" if I have that title correct. The bass line was similar to a great Mikey Offender (RIP) run in "Lost Causes" but I have no doubt no one in this band has even heard that song. The songs have quality and the guys can play. Hopefully they will continue to get the gigs all around town, as they would enhance a lot of bills. They have a new EP which I will be reviewing at month's end.
A quick note on the Tree House Lounge. If anyone remembers the old Red & the Black, it is about that size with a similar PA. There is a small stage and seating with a big bar as well. The sound is better than the Pinch and not up to the Velvet Lounge (there is a board, but settings are premixed--they were spot on tonight). It is a comfortable place that is doing a lot of booking, but is not big enough to draw top bands (although Wooden Shjips played the Red & the Black). I would recommend people keep this on the calendar as it is easy to get to in the NE--I even park in the same place I do for the Rock'n'Roll Hotel. There were other bands tonight, but it was a bit too eclectic booking for me and I needed an early night home.

Quote of the Night: From the singer to the rest of the band reflecting a classic refrain... "Play like it's Madison Square Garden."

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