Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mono - Majeure -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Nov 20 2013

Majeure - This one-man show emits a Tangerine Dream blast that is welcome to these ears. He has a bank of electronics and synthesizers and coaxes out some pulsing synth runs atop a strong sequencer pattern with steel eyed Germanic melodies. The middle portion of the set is varied a bit before the strong sequencer patterns come back for the last cut. There was nothing terribly original or earth shattering here, but it was no less enjoyable for the quality of the music presented. And Majeure is the drummer for a coupe of interesting spacey Pittsburgh bands, Zombi and Timespan.
Mono - This hard touring Japanese band makes it through DC yet again. They have been around 14 years now and I have been checking them out regularly for the last seven years. The formula has not changed much with their instrumental music which is shoegaze, but instead of shooting for volume highs like most of the lazier bands of this genre, they instead work dynamics and classical music melodies and forms. Although there is the occasional volume burst, most of their music relies on steady ascensions and descensions. Theirs is some of the most majestic sounding music of any rock band you will encounter, yet they seemed even a bit heavier tonight than last time through. There are two guitars constantly at work with a drummer that spends some time on glockenspiel (as does the bass player). The bassist also plays quite a bit of piano, although the heavy moments still come through in most of those songs. This is music worth exploring and the club was over half full with a very attentive bunch that stayed extremely quiet during the quiet moments and crowded forward to get close to the sound. I am always quite happy after and evening with Mono.

Quote of the Night (actually Tuesday): Me, to my dentist.... "Actually, I hate my teeth" as he proceeded to give me one less tooth to hate.

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