Thursday, January 30, 2014

Preview of Coming Attractions - February Part 1

I was going to take February off, but there are just too many good things happening in town, so I will be busy as ever and I hope to see you in the clubs filling them up, keeping live music vital for the fine DC bands and the excellent out of towners who spend a lot of money and time to get here. As always, give these sounds a listen and take a look at my recommendation section to see where I'll be (or would be if I could).

Join me this Saturday (Feb 1st) for some exquisite DC music featuring Black Clouds, Tone, and Highway Cross at the Black Cat. This will be a good one!

The Jamestown Revival hits the U Street Music Hall this Tuesday.

Mutual Benefit performs at the Black Cat on Wednesday, February 5th for our... (ok I'll say it) mutual benefit.

Dale and the ZDubs are a fun live band who tear it up pretty much every night. You can catch them at Penn Social on Thursday, February 6th. Here is there new video.

Or if you are so inclined, there are two more shows on Thursday the 6th. Night Beds is at the 9:30 Club with the Drowners at the DC9. I have no idea where I'll be as I type this, but it will be at one of these.

And in another battle of the videos, you can choose to see Lanterns on the Lake at the U Street Music Hall on Saturday, Feb 8th or head over to the Rock'n'Roll Hotel for Son Lux.

together PANGEA returns to the Black Cat on Tuesday February 11th.

Lake Street Drive hits the Hamilton on Wednesday, February 12th.

Yuck along with Alvvays comes to the Rock'n'Roll Hotel on Thursday, February 13th and each is worthy of a visit.

And in one of the worst booking collisions of the year, on the same Friday night (Feb 14) that Dead Meadow hits the DC9, their buddies the Black Angels along with the amazing Roky Erickson come to fill up the Black Cat (but when this sells out you can go see Dead Meadow).

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