Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Preview of Upcoming Attractions - Early August, 2014

Summer will likely heat up in August as there is only one direction for the thermometer to go from where it is today. Here are some of the acts providing further fire to the month of August.

Get ready for People Get Ready, who start off the month with a bang at the DC9 on Friday, August 1st.

Lots of action in DC on Wednesday, August 6th. I may be at Gypsy Sally's for Dawn Drapes or perhaps I will take in Jesse Marchant at the DC9 or Hooray for Earth at the Black Cat. Decisions, decisions.

Tiny Ruins will fill the stage of the DC9 on Thursday, August 7th.

No coffee and cherry pie available at the Twin Peaks show at the DC9 on Sunday, August 10th, just plenty of music (and DC9s fine menu).

Akron/Family's Dana Buoy is also hitting the DC9 on Tuesday, August 12th. And for the record, the bands are the ones contacting me to cover these shows, not the DC9, although the staff there treat me very well, so I am happy to spend time in that club.

And maybe I'll try a club I haven't tried in a long time, by heading to the Blues Alley on Wednesday, August 13th to see Lisa Lim.

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