Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Slow Magic - Kodak to Graph - Daktyl -- DC9 - Sep 23 2014

Daktyl - Perhaps my re-entry into the club scene after a week off would have been better served at a rock show and not three solo electronica acts. This first set featured a lot of sampled vocals and music that went from a dull lush to a better thicker sound. At the half-way point, a guy I know came by and wondered exactly how I was roped into this tonight.

Kodak to Graph - More solo electronics with a little better effort in the building of the layers of sound. The dancing picked up as well, as the club was filling rather well. So the crowd was happy.
Slow Magic - I have heard the most recent album and will review it next week, so I knew a little of what to expect. This is the most fully formed music in my book and I did enjoy the live percussion he was energetically engaged in. He also had a cool mask that lit up and changed colors, so the visual of a guy at a table was enhanced. Good energy here and the crowd picked up on it. As I have said before, this style can work for me, but it has to be done really well. Still, if there is anyone out there that can write about this music in a modern context, send me an email as my regular readers deserve something I am not sure I will ever be able to provide.

Photo Grab of the Night: This one has been around a while, but fits...

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