Saturday, December 20, 2014

Alex Vans and the Hide Away -- Hill Country Barbecue - Dec 19 2914

Alex Vans and the Hide Away - It's been a while since I've seen this fine local outfit and when you have a free show in a comfortable setting, it is pretty hard for me to justify staying home watching Rosemary & Thyme. The club is quite full and the only unfortunate part of that is that people are a bit preoccupied with their conversations. While this is an annoyance, I understand it more at free shows (odd that this was not the case last time here). But it is the holiday season and Alex Vans is a pro, so the band whips through songs pretty quickly and effectively and make their presence felt. They are more a warm straight up rock style with some roots, but not brazenly roots oriented as are many of the performers here. It is just them all night, so they sprinkle some covers in to the mix. 'Suzie Q' worked well, although I missed the CCR psyche moves. Queens of the Stone Age was even more of a pleasant surprise as they worked these songs in between several of their fine originals. The band works well in a bar setting as they have a warm delivery with vocals, like smoother Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers type sound with plenty of guitar and a flowing rhythm section. I did not last until 'the wee hours of the morning' but I doubt little changed in the quality of the performance.

New Years Plans? I do not really recognize this holiday any more than I get excited about odometers turning over into a new set of numbers, but.. if you are interested in taking part in The Downtown Countdown featuring Third Eye Blind, Delta Rae, The Lloyd Dobler Effect, DJ Urban Cowboy, and DJ Dirty Elbows, then just click on the link above or right here. Use the code dcrock for a $10 (of which nothing comes back to me, so it is just for your pleasure and savings).

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