Sunday, January 18, 2015

Roadkill Ghost Choir - The Jones -- DC9 - Jan 17 2015

The Jones - It has been a while since I have seen this fine area trio that performs blues rock in the manner of the bands of my youth. When done well, this is living, breathing unified music that flows comfortably thorough you. And these guys still have it down and are even more locked in than ever. They have a new album with plenty of new songs to add to their set, although there is still room for a fine cover of Hendrix' Voodoo Child. The bass lines are getting more and more creative, while the guitar work is strong but sensitive. The percussion fills in with comfortable breaks that don't overwhelm but bring the necessary presence in a trio format. Vocals are soft and inviting, with songs you can remember later on. It all works well and there is a big crowd tonight to take it all in. They dug it, I dug it and if you remember California and UK blues psyche-rock bands from 40-50 years ago, you'll dig it too.
Roadkill Ghost Choir - It is probably well that this band is from Deland, Florida which is in between the cliches of Daytona Beach and the strange place that is Orlando. This may have drawn them to explore psychedelic territory as far away from these worlds as possible. And these six guys do a fine job of presenting these explorations in their songs, which range from loose relaxed spacey jams to tighter popsike hook filled tunes. They get almost too soft in the middle part of the set, but come back with a sharp turn into a Long Ryders type heartland psychedelic cut. And then after a few more, they finished with a scorching version of Nirvana's 'Breed' that brought the house down. I invariably enjoy a fine psychedelic set and although this band is not quite at the Jacco Gardner, Temples level, the seed is there and there is plenty to enjoy as they continue to get better and better. They made plenty of fans tonight that will be back the next time they tour through.

Quote of the Night: The crowd was so large, that I had a lot of strangers sitting down in my booth engaging in conversation. It was all good, if not a bit strange at times including this...
"What happened to your finger?"
"What do you mean (I had a band-aid on one that I noticed a half hour later)?"
"What did you do to it?"
"I am not sure, they all seem to work. See."

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