Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Previews of Coming Attractions - Early May 2015

Stix Hix may Nix Pix, but here are some more trustworthy attempts to entertain you.

Hey, the Twin Peaks were just here kicking up a racket at the DC9. This time it is the Rock'n'Roll Hotel on Friday, May 1st. Next time it will be an even bigger more crowded club where you will lose more of your dollars. So go now, especiall with White Reaper on the bill.

I will bringing you my field report on Field Report when they hit the 9:30 Club on May 2nd.

The Donkeys bray into action at the DC9 on Tuesday, May 5th. Raucous local outfit Time is Fire, who I just reviewed a few days ago is opening.

Speedy Ortiz has the pace and creativity to make Wednesday, May 6th an important date for you, so join them at the Black Cat.

Former Superchunkian, Mac MacCaughan keeps the Black Cat busy on Thursday, May 7th.

Those Darlins and Adia Victoria are at the DC9 on Friday May 8th and the Replacements have already sold out, so join me at the DC9 (I already wasted my money on the drunken louts masquerading as the Replacements many years ago... ok, it was all of four dollars, but it is the principle).

It is an honor to have John Cooper Clarke come across the pond and grace several US clubs with his poetic presence. He is in DC at the Hamilton on Tuesday, May 12th. Don't miss.

Epichorus is part of the Washington Jewish Music Festival. They play the DCJCC on Wednesday, the 13th.

Golem is also a part of the festival and they play on Thursday the 14th at the Historic 6th + I Synagogue.

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