Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Porcelain - Cat Martino -- DC9 - Jun 22 2015

Cat Martino - Solo female vocals and electronics is the challenge here in the opening set. It is a challenge at least to convince me that I should watch backing tracks live on stage. Vocals are a big help and initially Cat Martino does a great job with loops and showing depths of mood. There was a little disconnect for me between her quiet and her loud as her quiet parts were nearly inaudible. Musically, she left enough space for the vocals to work although there seemed to be a problem at one point where the backing seemed lacking. She pulled out an electric guitar that helped one song, but ultimately this was a disjointed set. There is some talent here, it is just a question of pulling it all together.
Porcelain Raft - Mauro Remiddi has a long career in music with bands in his native Italy and beyond. But now in New York, he's going it alone which is a risky sell for someone like me. I enjoyed his recent album well enough, so I was hopeful. And hope was rewarded as his rich singing voice and smart melodic backing was quite riveting. And it got even better when he strapped on his guitar for several songs as he varied his playing from creative rocking to deep ambient moods. His vocals began to soar into heights unheard since the days of MIJ (a crazed cult record if ever there was one). Well, he wasn't too crazed as he kept it all in an accessible place even as he explored beyond the boundaries of most electropoppers. He exhibited great personality with the crowd who were really enjoying his set. If you like Caribou as I do, you should really give Porcelain Raft a listen.

Quote of the Night: from Cat Martino in the middle of her set, which is foreshadowing as to why I have only a little time left in the live music world and perhaps the world in general... "I got a text message that distracted me."

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