Monday, June 1, 2015

Slim Cessna's Auto Club -- Hill Country Barbecue - May 31 2015

Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Like normal for this club, the band has a lot of blue jeans, cowboy hats, a bit of flannel as they set up on drums, stand-up bass, pedal steel guitar, banjo, and vocals. But with this band, the banjo player starts massaging Hendrixian feedback as much as he plays actual notes, while the accomplished cellist (sans cello) is on steel guitar doing a combination of banging and bowing. The rhythm section (bassist is a published author) cuts loose and the vocalists go wild with their unique interplay. Yes, this is one of the finest Denver bands working today playing their songs that have helped define the crazed Western styled Denver Sound. It's quite controlled actually as this band knows the method to the madness. And there is a lot of variation in their sound as the pedal steel is played properly and creatively, when she is not on the keyboards. The banjo makes way for guitar often, although Munly (along with Slim, the two lead vocalists) plays quite a bit of banjo and acoustic guitar as well. The sound is a bit murky tonight, but it fits many of these songs well and I (and most of the crowd) know them all well enough as it is. This is a great crowd with everyone up, moving around and showing great enthusiasm. And with music this fun and in your face, it is pretty hard to sit back. Over 90% of the crowd kneeled down with the two vocalists during one dramatic passage as they came out in the audience (as they often did in this comfortable room). They earned a legit encore and came out with one mostly vocal cut before letting lose with 'That Fierce Cow is Common Sense in a Country Dress" off their great album 'Cipher'. With a song title like that, need I say more?

Photo Grab of the Night: And to celebrate my new website featuring my 1,800 records that are all for sale (more on that later), here is a celebratory photo...

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