Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beach Slang - Title Tracks -- DC9 - Aug 10 2015

Title Tracks - It has been four years since I last saw this excellent local power trio and they did mention they have not been playing out as much lately and will be recording soon. It did not take me long to remember how good they were and still are as they take a power pop approach to further levels of power. They never lose their excellent hooks, but these guys can drive home some ferocious songs. The second cut in particular sounded like New Day Rising era Husker Du reconstructing a Zombies song with ferocious yet melodic results. There was lighter fare, but never without a deep thrust and drive starting from the rhythm section and flowing upward. Another excellent set by this powerful local band.
Beach Slang - It is fascinating to see and hear how two perfectly paired bands from the same genre can sound so different. This Philadelphia quartet works the same terrain, but with a much looser approach. If Title Tracks is channeling Husker Du and the Wipers, then Beach Slang is taking it in a Replacements and Flesheaters direction. And they do it well. Even if they never said a word, their playing style reeks of having fun and just cutting loose and letting it all hang out. But the frontman and his long suffering bandmates were hilarious in their banter. Even the Replacements-esque mistuning requiring three takes of one of their cuts was actually fun rather than frustrating. "A lesson in humility" exclaimed the singer, getting what he deserved for proclaiming that the band really had their act together before they attempted their challenging song. There was a good sized crowd for a Monday and most everyone was spirited and fully engaged with these guys. I am not sure I could handle their intense craziness every night, but they were a shot of adrenaline tonight with a benzedrine chaser.

Quote of the Night: There were many from Beach Slang, but it was hard to keep up...

"My hair when it is dry looks really good with this Andy Gibb thing going on. But when it's wet, I look like that fucking Misfits guy with the hair sticking down the front."

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