Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dengue Fever - Analog Soul Club -- Rock'n'Roll Hotel - Sep 12 2015

Analog Soul Club - A couple hours of DJing starts off the evening from this local outfit. Not really my favorite beginning, but I've learned to enjoy this more, especially if there is quality and unique music more than just a good dance beat. And this group was on tonight with a worldly mix of sounds that was appropriate for the unique music of Dengue Fever coming later.
Dengue Fever - This is probably the fifth time I have seen this one of a kind LA band. Start with a bunch of guys that have a good handle on garage rock from the deep southern California history, add a heavy dose of world music interest, and front it all with a powerful Cambodian singer steeped in the great history of Cambodian Pop music and you have quite the recipe for success. Their set is filled with the many recognizable songs from their back catalog along with some unique songs from their latest LP. The club is packed with one of the more diverse audiences around thanks to the Cambodian musical connection with this band and their fabulous singer, Chhom Nimol. Aside from some mic problems, everything clicked well tonight as the crowd was moving and participating fully with this fun filled set. This band has a great sound and a great look including one of the most disparate height differences between singer and bassist since the Misfits (not important, just a way for me to get some cheap heat on Glenn Danzig). I am happy this band keeps going and going as they are always a welcome boost when they come to town. No exception tonight.

Quote of the Night: - "Arghhh! This is why I hate vinyl!"

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