Friday, April 1, 2016

DMA's - Cold Fronts -- Black Cat - Mar 31 2016

Cold Fronts - I am suspicious of three-guitar bands not named Swans, but this Philadelphia outfit immediately grabs hold of my attention with a screaming triple lead of sort to get things rolling. Rolling and rocking as this is heavy material as these guys bring the rock with plenty of energy and volume. Yet they could almost be a power pop band as the songs are quite catchy and engaging, but there is nothing poppy beyond the melodies. They shake it a bit loose and garage like, but have a strong tight rhythm section anchoring it in place. There are even a lot of harmonies to the solid lead vocals, but the guitars continue to star as they grind out at the chords and offer plenty of crazy fills and leads, either together or working off each other. You could feel the audience enjoying each song more than the last and this is the kind of opening band you want to see, or closing band for that matter.
DMA's - Another three-guitar band? Well one of them is acoustic, but I am wondering if the last time I saw two three-guitar bands back to back was when I saw Lynyrd Skynrd (with Ronnie Van Zant!) and the Outlaws. Once again, no southern rock here, just a hot young band from Australia. They have impressed Europe and now are here to spread their sound through the US of A. And quite a sound it is as it has a warm jangly guitar sound underneath a smooth and emotive dedicated vocalist. It is refreshing to see a vocalist focused solely on his task and this guy is a powerful instrument leading the way in these highly engaging songs. Early on I hear REM meeting the Feelies, although others have mentioned Oasis. As the set moves forward and the soundman finds the right buttons and faders, the band sounds even more powerful with a shoegaze styled wall of sound. Yet, there are intricate moves going on nearly at every turn that keep this very much a collection of fine songs. They even did a couple that were mostly acoustic and voice, with a few electric moves added at the finish. There was a large crowd and if these guys keep it together, they will be up in the big room next time, as there are loads of music lovers out there who would easily take to what these guys bring. Quite a fun night of heavy music with two diverse approaches.

Facebook Grab of the Night - No it's not Rick Nielsen, but in honor of the guitar fury tonight...


Chris O. said...

"REM meeting the Feelies"? Dang, I have to start paying attention and catch these guys next time around.

David Hintz said...

I am guessing they will be back from what I hear. They kind of snuck up on me and were it not for a exuberant publicist, I would have missed them as well.