Sunday, July 31, 2016


Funny, how I don't discuss outdoor shows during these previews. Nothing funny about outdoors and DC summers coming together.

Kick back with the Kickback at the DC9, Monday, August the 1st.

White Lung sounds a whole lot healthier than Black Lung, so find out how White Lung fills the air at the Rock'n'Roll Hotel on Tuesday, August 2nd.

Will See Through Dresses be wearing... oh never mind. Just go seem them at the DC9 this Thursday, the 4th.
#120 See Through Dresses: You Get Sick Again from Love Drunk on Vimeo.

A couple of fine shows blocks apart this Friday, August 5th: Try Everymen at the Velvet Lounge or Future Generations at Tropicalia. It is your choice.

Dorothy... I can't even write that without hearing Auntie Em's voice... is playing the 9:30 Club on Saturday the 6th.

Everything Everything brings everything they got to the U Street Music Hall on Monday, August 8th.

Drive Like Jehu is back and at the Black Cat on Wednesday, August 10th. Do I go now or wait for the Las Vegas set? I do have Juliette Lewis at the U Street Music Hall to make my choice even tougher.

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