Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dead Women - Pity Rally - Lush Farm -- Velvet Lounge - Feb 9 2013

Lush Farm - This Baltimore trio has a certain heaviness to a post-indie sound that is quite endearing. They have a touch of bombast and bravado with the vocals and guitar at times as if Sebadoh was covering Muse. They keep it low key at other times and handle these contrasts quite well. They quipped they 'are the surviving members of Pearl Jam' and that is another hint to their sound, as if the Pearl Jam guys were still fighting for indie cred by going undercover at clubs like the Velvet Lounge. The 40ish minute set was filled with highlights and the overall sound kept the interest of this very full room. Yet another Baltimore band to keep an eye on, and they are recording so hopefully they will be back to promote a new album sometime soon.

Pity Rally - This twin guitar quartet falls somewhere between the Shaggs and early Redd Kross. This is pop music in search of power or something. I heard some moody indie moves and occasionally they seemed to be playing together. Actually there were some cool sinewy guitar runs snaking in, around, and on top of the main melody. They actually grew on me a bit, like a fungus. Maybe they will turn into a delectable mushroom some day. It is not here yet, but based on stage patter (what I could hear of it with their quite somewhat less than confident voices) and a facebook posting, they are still learning and you kind of have to do some of that on stage on a multi-band bill like thins. Some of the crowd really dug them, too.
Dead Women - I really enjoyed this local trio when I saw them last December. If anything, they have gotten even better since or I am now completely sold on what they have together. The songs have brilliant assertive pop qualities like that of the Undertones, but it sounds more like a skilled band like REM playing them. Maybe there is some of that same style and energy that the Only Ones had in these sounds somewhere. Whatever the case, the band is tight, mixes up the pace nicely, and has some of the strongest vocals in town for this type of rock music. This is not highly complex on its own, but reaches enough complex levels withing power-pop/rock music to pull even jaded veterans in. The band's rhythm section has just enough drive to elevate things, too. I can offer various other random thoughts, but basically this is a band you should check out. It will not take long to decide if you want to go along for the ride (it is usually about two songs into the set for me).

Quote of the Day: From Lush Farm...
Guitarist - "We have nother 35 songs for you"
Drummer - "17 more, we already did 14 (pause) uh, it's too complicated."

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