Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eagles of Death Metal/The Duke Spirit - 9:30 Club - Nov18 2008

A late show opening at 10pm--another double booking by the 9:30 Club. Quite crowded tonight at $15 per head, although the stage wasn't quite as far back as it could have been.

The Duke Spirit began with a gutsy British rock sound meaning the guitars were headed toward Jesus and Mary Chain although still falling short of Spiritualized perhaps. So distortion was good, but the straight ahead rock rhythms kept the songs chugging along. A cute singer with thinner Deborah Harry hair was center stage leading things. After a few uneventful songs, they threw in a Western sound and rhythm that was quite good and the set took off from there nicely. The crowd enjoyed them and rightly so. They move on to headline status later in the tour and play Letterman December 8th. Not surprising with their look and good catchy rock sound.

The Eagles of Death Metal as most would know or guess, nothing like the Eagles or Death Metal. I would say garage rock band with a dose of early punk augmented by leads straight from Black Oak Arkansas. Good humor and the erratic songs still had more good than dull. The frontman/vocalist did mention the story about Axl Rose firing them which I had heard from a friend of mine. Axl in his usual classy style, got on the mic after their set and told the crowd how they sucked and were more like the Pigeons of Shit Metal. So after a few boos from the 9:30 Club crowd, they applauded the frontman's new tattoo bearing Axl's new name for the band. Duke Spirit's singer came up to sing one song which significantly boosted the ugly rating this band generates on its own. All in all, a good fun show, far better for me than anything Axl Rose could produce.

Quote of the night: While standing in line, a woman said to a guy: "John wants to go see Ray Davies." Guy: "Who's that". Woman: "Oh, some guy from the Stranglers."

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