Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rose Hill Drive/Colour Revolt - DC9 - Nov 12 2008

Colour Revolt from Oxford Mississippi (not sure I've seen a full fledged MS band before) who I had seen in Denver earlier this year did another nice job. Grungy, hooky, intelligent rock with a bit of brooding, but not too pervasive. Solid set. If they keep at it, who knows? I did miss seeing their cover of the Misfits' Bullet. I'm not sure any of them were alive when I bought that record when it came out.

Next was a really good 70s retro rock act from Boulder called Rose Hill Drive. They were an excellent long haired three piece ala Blue Cheer, I suppose. I think the vocals which were closer to REO Speedwagon than Motorhead were the only real weakness, but not nearly as bad as REO. So a good show which the small upstairs DC-9 audience really enjoyed. Actually, it was a good crowd in a small club to be more accurate.

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