Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Antony & the Johnsons - Sixth Street Synagogue - Feb 3 2009

Another interesting show at the synagogue. I think I went to the first as they moved beyond lectures into music and other entertainments by bringing in Devandra Banhart over a year ago. Always a fun time here.

TBA - The very famous TBA opened the show. In this version, TBA was a female singer/guitarist who did a lovely job with laying down guitar lines that created that moody atmosphere that works in today's psyche-folk world. Her vocals were in the Marissa Nadler camp and I liked the way she strung a song cycle together with no breaks. too bad I never heard or saw her name.

Antony & the Johnsons - The transgender critical favorite made his first appearance in Washington DC and did a great job. A good band with lots of strings which were oddly placed in front of the stage with him half way back at the piano. Along with the usual low lighting (this is a temple), he was tough to see for our large section on the right. But the voice was the main ingredient and was in fine form. Intriguing music that reminded me of Kate Bush, not as a soundalike, but in principal they both have a classical style mixed in with hooky folk, rock and pop that is clearly a singular vision based on their approach and talents. Good show, well attended and supported by the enthusiastic crowd.

Quote of the Night - Antony had a few long rambling stories that were a little more rational than say, Grandpa Simpson, but had one simple quote I liked between a couple of songs: "Transcendentalism or masochism? I've reached a fork in the road..."

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